Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BBQ Babyback Ribs

These ribs are finger lickin' good. Last time I made them I served them with mashed potatoes and fresh sweet corn. For dessert I rounded it off with home-made raspberry pie. If I close my eyes and picture it again, I'll start to drool.

5 lbs babyback pork ribs
1/2 gallon apple juice
2 cups BBQ sauce. (We like the Kraft, original style)

(1) Prepare a charcoal smoker and bring the temperature to 225 degrees.
(2) Cut the ribs into smaller portions of 3 or 4 ribs. Place them in a large stock-pot.
(3) Pour enough apple juice to cover them. Place a lid on the pot and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes.
(4) Place ribs on the lightly oiled smoker grate. Smoke ribs for 5-7 hours, maintaining the temperature at 225 degrees.
(5) Make a sauce by mixing together the BBQ sauce and 2 cups of the used apple juice. Baste the ribs with this sauce while continuing to cook for another 30 minutes.


  1. quick question... in step 4, how many hours? My brother just got a smoker and needs recipes, I will pass it in to him.

  2. It's a good 7 Hours. Good question.

  3. ok thanks. I am loving this blog here...you are sure sinking some time into it. thank you!