Thursday, May 13, 2010


Almost off subject...but not quite. It's getting close - so close I'm about to scream like a little girl. That's right folks. It's almost time to plant my beloved tomatoes. I LOVE tomatoes. They remind me of my childhood. My great-grandma Opal would put on her crazy tie-dyed apron, throw a salt shaker in the pocket and tell us "we're going out to pick the tomatoes. Instead we ate them sprinkled with salt all over them right there in the garden.

My favorite of all the tomato varieties is the heirloom Brandy Wine Tomato. My only two problems with this tomato is that it - 80 to 100 days and I will usually only get 2 tomatoes from the entire plant.

Perhaps it's all that waiting (and drooling) that makes them fantastic. I can't even find them at the Farmer's Market they're that good.

So here 80-100 days look for my post about the delicious Brandy Wine Tomato....that is if I don't eat it before I am able to take a picture of it on a burger or swimming in a pool of Balsamic Vinegar.

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